The grape and the fig

At Domaine Kennel we have opted for polyculture. Grapes and figs… two wonderful types of fruit that we adore growing! And as their growing cycles are complementary, it keeps our team permanently busy.

The vines, of course, occupy us 12 months of the year, or almost. With 38 hectares we’ve got a lot to do. Pruning, weeding, disbudding, trimming, picking… plus the application of biodynamic preparations to help keep the plants healthy.

And then there is the fig orchard,that we planted in 2022, with a total of 400 young trees of the variety “Violette de Solliès” (cultivated organically and biodynamically). Pierrefeu is within the terroir of the AOP “Figue des Solliès”. They will be sold at the cellar, and to restaurants and wholesalers.